Can i use multiple for each loop in a process

Can i use more than 1 for each loop for a ExtractDataTable?

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Yes absolutely @diptojyotidutta

You can use multiple loops in the workflow

It would be better if you share a bit about your issue :slight_smile:


Thanks @HareeshMR
Just wanted to know about it. If any issue comes i will come back to you for sure.

Yeah sure @diptojyotidutta
Happy to help

Usually we can use any number of FOR RACH ROW or FOR EACH sloop inside a sequence of a process
We need to keep these in mind while using
—We should try to avoid FOR EACH LOOP inside FOR EACH LOOP activity, keeping performance of the process in mind as it may slow down
And if we need to use having no chance then we need to make sure that we have used a BREAK activity In the inner FOR EACH loop so that it will get out of the inner for each loop at right point of time rather getting into unwanted loop again and again this increasing the performance of the process

Hope this would help you
Cheers @diptojyotidutta

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Thanks for the Valuable points @Palaniyappan i will keep it in mind

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No worries
Kindly let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @diptojyotidutta