Can I use a robot dynamically across different automations?

We have a question about using a robot across different automation projects.
Background: Our main project uses 18 robots to process tasks throughout the day. We have a new project which will require automation once a week or more.
Ask: Without spending for an additional license to dedicate a robot to this new project, we want to see if we can have a robot (from the existing robot pool) trigger when a new queue item is created in a queue specific to the new project.

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with the assumption Orchestrator is in place:

If you want to execute a process multiple times on any Robots that are available, you have the possibility to do just that by using the Allocate Dynamically option on the Execute Target tab.

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Thanks @ppr But would that automatically stop an existing robot from process 1 and jump onto process 2?


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You can go for Queue trigger for that process
So that it will trigger whenever a new queue item is added to it

This will not impact other process and it’s run as well

For more details

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That definitely helps, thank you!

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