Can I use 1 concurrent license in different Tenants?

If I activate my Concurrent license in HOST level. Can I Allocate the same license in different Tenants? Will be used half time in one tenant and half time in the other.

This is possible?

Hi @KevinDS ,

Do you have the UiPath - Multiuser Add-On (or Add-on for Multiuser)?

If so, then yes you can.

Multiuser is a license model where a license is assigned to 1 user out of a pool of authenticated users. Each Multiuser license adding up to 3 distinct authenticated users to the maximum number of users that can be granted access.

If you don’t have it, then I’m afraid that the answer is: No, you cannot allocate the same license in different Tenants.

Hope this helps!
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Hi @ovi I’ve saw your Comments in the next post:

I wanted to ask you about this case. My client has 2 tenants and they want to use the concurrent studio license (not the multiuser) in both tenants. This can be possible?