Can I Trigger job from enterprise version with Attended license?

Hello everyone !

My client has purchase Enterprise version Attended license, I want to know Can I trigger job from Orchestrator ?

I know Job can also be trigger from Scheduler but I want to know Can I Trigger job from Orchestrator ?

In addition,
How can I login to Orchestrator and Studio with Attended License As I Am running community version which is already logged in with user account.

Hi @prabin_chand1

  • To connect to Orchestrator with client credentials or machine key, click More Options > Connect to Orchestrator. To activate a local license key, click More Options > Standalone Options. A new page opens in your web browser.
  • Complete the sign in procedure, and, when prompted by your web browser, click Open UiPath to return to Studio

Check out the document (Signing in to Your Account)

  • In Orchestrator, navigate to the License page at tenant level or host level.
  • The License page is displayed. Click Activate Online.
  • The Activate Online window is displayed.
  • The Installation ID field is automatically populated with the unique identifier of your Orchestrator instance and is not editable. After receiving a license key from UiPath, you can proceed to activate your Orchestrator instance

Activating your license

Check out the document (Trigger Unattended bot)

How to trigger the attended bot?

  • Attended bots are triggered by users in the UiPath Assistant

Step to follow

  1. Create a project in UiPath Studio.
  2. Publish the project to a directory of choice.
  3. Copy the .nupkg package to the robot machine in the default package directory (in my case that’s in C:\ProgramData\UiPath\Packages). Please check your path.
  4. From the system tray, right-click the UiPath Robot icon and select Start Job.
  5. In the Start Job window, select the package you want to run and click Start.

Check out this blog

Check out the Thread




Attended bots cannot be triggered from orchestrator…they needa to triggered from assistant or command line

And for license you can create an orcganization for your company…and add the picense you have to the orchestrator you created newly


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Account is already created.

I have Enterprise Edition Attended User and password.

I have already logged in with user in Community edition.

I have to logged in same pc with Enterprise Version- attended license
What procedure should I follow to login in same with with licensed user ?


Go to UiPath assistant and chamge the orchestrator url and the machine key to point them to the enterpise orchestrator…as of now they might be pointing to the community orchestrator…

You can find them in the preferences menu…which you can see from right top on the assistant


I am assuming to do like this :

I am already logged in with community version in Studio, Assistant, Orchestrator.

  1. Go to > Log out.
  2. Login with new user [attended license user]
  3. Open studio, login with STEP-2
  4. Open Assistant and copy machine Key and URL to connect with Orchestrator.

is that all ?

If Attended license cannot trigger process then which should we need to connect Assistant to cloud ?


Uninstall the community edition and install the Enterprise edition from the orchestrator



As suggested you can download the enterprise studio as well…whoch will be available in product ownloads in orchestrator…you will find product downlods option on top right of the orchestrator .where you have ahelp icon…click on it

And now coming to why to connect to orchestrator…is to use assets …or to run the process from assistant…else if you have only studio then only you can run the bots…


Can’t we perform without uninstalling it ?

Yes you need to uninstall the community version @prabin_chand1

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