Can i run a attended robot on multiple machines without studio on all of them?

I have 1 studio licence. Is there a possibility to run a attended robot on 4 physical machines without installing studio on all the machines.



The studio is the environement of developement, so it will permit to “Build” your automation.
You can to do it on one machine and later publish/copy the package to four different other machines.

Those four machines will however need to be licensed as “Attended Robot” via Regutil as bellow(I assume you would not have Orchestrator. If you do, you will just need to provision an attended bot and connect it).



Thanks for answers my query.

Can i get licence for dev studio and attended robots only without buying licence for orchestrator,as the orchestrator is too costly.

You are welcome.
That will be something you would need to discuss with Sales.

It was possible in the past but UiPath (and its demand) has grown quite a bit since then and I am not sure they are able to support small accounts as they use too.


Yes, You can…, It’s Possible…