Can i run 3 project on 1 robot?

no same time.
if i have 3 projects, should i purchase 3 robot license? or 1 robot license?

One robot can run only process at a time.

If you have to run three processes then , first process 1 will run and other two process will be in queue , once the process 1 run gets over then process 2 which is in queue will start likewise process 3 after completion of process 2 will start.
Three process can’t run at same time in one single environment .




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If you want to run your processes 24*7 then purchase 3 bot licenses else if you want to run each process at couple of hours then 1 bot is enough to process all 3 processes. In this case, plan accordingly all 3 processes and run it in different time intervals but not at same time.



If you want to run 72 hours a day you need (at least) three bots/runtimes.
If you want to run 24 processes (sequentially, one hour each) you need one bot .

One bot can run multiple processes.


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You can run multiple process in one bot it defends upon your requirement how your 3 process should run.

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no same time…
if i have 3 projects, should i purchase 3 robot license? or 1 robot license?


I request you to don’t create multiple posts for Same topic. Just wait some time after creating post and sure you will get replies but some times it will take time. Thanks for understanding.


what’s the reason that people purchase 3 bot licenses for 3 projects ?
1 bot can run multiple projects, i have no idea why should 3 bot licenses


They want to run their process 24*7 and that’s why they bought 3 BOT licenses.

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