Can I remove Excel dependencies if not using Excel?

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I was looking closer to my project dependencies and came out to that question:

Can I remove Excel dependencies if not using Excel?


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in case of your project is referencing this dependency and it is removed, the result would be unresolved activities. So remove it and validate the project for checking if it still rest valid.

In case of you are doing something with WorkBooks / CSV then it could risk, that this part will be affected.

In case of any issues just add the dependency again

If there is an activity where you are in doubt if it is part of the package or not, just hover on it. In the tooltip the holding package is displayed.

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@MARIODC You can use a Workflow analyzer tool to see if any unused dependency in your project. If there is any it is safe to remove that.

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Hi Guys,

In this particular project use Nothing about excel, none of the activities is related to Excel so that is why it got my attention about removing those dependencies if not doing anything.

Thanks for the suggestions!

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