Can I purposely prevent users from publishing to the orchestrator but remain attached to the orchestrator

Now that we have our CI/CD pipeline established it doesn’t make a lot of sense to have orchestrator-connected studios publish their processes directly to the orchestrator just to have the CI/CD system do the same thing when their code is checked in. Is it possible to allow studios to connect to an orchestrator for reading assets but prevent them from publishing packages? This would force them to check in code and have the CI/CD pipeline deploy their bots.

HI @cclements

I’m not 100% sure about this… But just thought of mentioning it…

Have you tried checking the robot roles in the orchestrator? Based on the role permissions, I think you might be able to get it done by removing some permissions from the robots that you wish to stop the publishing from…

Let know whether it helps…

I’m not going to comment on that :shushing_face:, because the loophole is like that path of least resistance that comes in play occasionally. And, I feel that the developers should have freedom to explore certain things where they don’t constantly run into a wall. While at the same time, still following the standards for version control and deployment.

I think UiPath might be talking about ideas to improve the Publish button to integrate more with TFS or even between Orchestrators. I know it has been a popular topic for a long time. I have no idea where UiPath is on this topic though. But, we have brought the concern to UiPath within my company I know.

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