Can I Purchase UiPath for personal use?

I have searched forums and the UiPath web sit and if I try to contact sales it only accept work emails. I am interested in purchasing UiPath for my personal use, I do not have a business email. Do I get more features if I purchase UiPath? When will this free UiPath end? What different licenses can I purchase?

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You can’t buy as a personal user.

If you want to buy studio you need a business account, you can think in a pricerange of around $3k for the Studio license.
attended robot around $2k and an unattended around $5 - $8k.If you want orchestrator too. Thats around $20k.
They are all yearly subscriptions.
For current price information contacting sales is the best way to start.

For personal use the community platform will give you all the tools you need. For free.


You have the community edition for free not any purchase involved

we have community edition and Enterprise edition, For purchase of Enterprise edition you need to check any vendors with in your area that are already partnered with UiPath

Check below post if you want to know differences

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So the free version has the same capabilities as I would purchase it?
How long is UiPath going to offer it for free? I would assume it will expire at some point.

Hi @ricardoxh
UIPATH having 2 license type ,
1 : Enterprise Edition
This is for office use ,you cannot use this for personal as you need to purchase it.(anyway you have option to try trial of enterprise if u need)
2: Community Edition
This type is for person use like , study ,experiment or anything. You can use it as personal