Can I prepare the SAP environment for "RPA Developer - SAP Automation Training"

Hello, All.

I haven’t used SAP and don’t have any knowledge for it…
But I want to try to execute test robots which provided from “RPA Developer - SAP Automation Training”.

Could you tell me how to setup the SAP environment in this tutorial or Do I have the way to execute somewhere?
Sorry for beginner question.



I am also in same boat. I am looking for the same information. Can anyone help?

Hi @Globalna_Chiyotsu and @SwatiB

I have seen a link to learn sap in you tube for the beginner. May be it is useful to you


Thank you Bala. Will try this.

Hi Yoshi,

I am new here and this question seems to be almost one year old nevertheless I will provide some information about SAP demo systems.

Check this Get Started with SAP on AWS for free educational SAP systems nevertheless, you will be flooded with all kinds of SAP systems. SAP has various UI technologies available, SAPGUI (.NET application) which is a front-end application that connects to the SAP server (the one you are looking for). One of the newest front-end technology is Fiori, which is basically a web UI. Fiori apps are available on the net. Please pm me if you need further assistance.