Can i move my robots to other PCs?

i tried this way :

  1. just save as folder
  2. zip
  3. send email with this zip file to my other pc
  4. open project.json file

now i have problem. My screen shows just restoring dependencies.
so stuck on restoring dependencies.

does not work my way?

can some1 give me a tip for moving my robots to other PC? Thx

What you did was right. To overcome what you are facing.

  1. Open your project json file

  2. There is a dependency values something like below

  3. Now you can install these from package manager or move these dependencies from your pc where code was working to this pc. Path : C:\Users\**User.Name**\.nuget\packages

hey thx a lot.

im not yet clear about step3.

can u plz explain again about step3 more precise?

Once you have list of dependencies
Go to uipath studio and click

Follow steps

  1. Click All Package
  2. Search Package
  3. Install Package
  4. Save

well though already these installed, unfortunately does not work… is there maybe any other solutions?

Please share screenshot

my robot on laptop is showed same as on desktop(actually i made this robot first on desktop)
but i got this error message.

It says, you have two missing packages
one is for CSV helper and other is for mime kit
You need to install both