Can I manage Tasks in MS Outlook mail as background(Using .net method)?


I’d like to move mails from “Inbox” to a folder under Task.
When I try to do it on foreground Then, I can be able to assign it as Task to someone after moving mails to the folder under Task.
Could you please help me to make it using .net method so that it can be done as background?


Welcome to UiPath community buddy…!.thats a good question to start with…:slight_smile:

There is an option in uipath activity like.
Move IMAP mail activity and
Move exchange mail activity
With which you can place the mail in any folder u want…

Hope this would help you…

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Thanks Palan,
I know the Move activities. but my question is how to set “assign Task” with “assignee, Start date and Due date” in the “Task”.