Can i make look up with array

Write your question, feedback or conceri need to lookup between sheet1 and sheet2 i need to look sku coloum and return slocation
example 500009893 ,500010000 … 1530,1526 i need to return this value
i already use look up but only return value for first row which has one sku but row which has more than one sku return nothing ?? any help please for this i will be so pleasedn here!

Hi @rpa13

This is the first data table (lets assume your first excel file)

This is the second data table (lets assume your second excel file)

this is the code used inside invoke code activity

foreach (System.Data.DataRow dtRow in dt1.Rows)
	string temp = "";
	foreach (string item in dtRow.ItemArray[0].ToString().Split(','))
	     temp = temp + dt2.Select("sku = '" + item + "' ")[0]["sLocation"].ToString() + ",";
	dtRow["sLocation"] = temp.Substring(0,temp.Length-1);


This is the arguments passed in invoke code activity,


and finally this is the output.


let me know if you need any help


i need the output in slocation coloum in excel sheet
can you supply me with the work flow please
this is my workflowMain.xaml (7.9 KB)

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