Can I login to server while unattended bot is running?

Quick question… If the unattended bot is running on a server, can I login to the server at the same time the bot is running? My login is the same as what the bot is using for this VM… does that matter? Will I break the bot by logging in?

yes you can login to your machine. At the same time it will be better if you don’t disturb the application what are all involved in your projects.

Technically you CAN but you shouldn’t. Why would you?


Technically you can, but you should not . That too by having the same login as the unattended bot , does not seem good . I guess it would break the bot by logging in as you have asked .

You can but if you login bot login session might get end if this happens than there is a chance that bot might fail you can Live streaming it from Orchestrator if you just want to monitor


you can login that is not a problem