Can I install UIPATH Studio on 2 Laptops using the same email account?

Hello Friends,
Can I install UIPATH Studio on 2 Laptops and run them simultanuosly using the same account?

Appreciate your help

Can you explain what you mean by using the same account?

Using the same machine template?

Use the same Studio license at the same time on two machines?

Or using the same user/robot username on multiple machines at the same time?

I use 2 different PC and i use 1 account on them and there is only problem i found is the “insufficient memory error” that appears from time to time. And I use the community studio version. If that was what u wanted to know.

insufficient memory error

It is self-explaining your encountered issue. You should make sure that on the impacted machine you have enough free disk space on the UiPath Studio installation disk.

You may try to delete (also from Recycle bin) the unnecessary information from the respective disk and from %TEMP% folder.

Let us know if this helped.

Thank you Marian for the quick reply, I mean using the same username to download and install UiPath Studio on 2 laptops, and then run UiPath for example to scrape internet data on these 2 laptops. I hope I mde it clearer now.

Thank you so much

For what you want to achieve, you will need a separate email account for the second username/robot. Otherwise, you will receive a pending job and in the end, failed.

In conclusion, you need 2 robots with 2 different email addresses and 2 available licenses to run the jobs.

More details here: Windows Sessions

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Clear. Thank you so much.

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