Can i import scripts/processes

Is there a way I can copy a script or ideally the entire process from a laptop to a desktop?
I don’t want to have to start it from scratch an build a whole new process?

You can copy the process to the desktop where you want to move.

sorry I want to copy it from a laptop to a desktop pc?

If the process is in development then you can copy the source of process to your desktop from laptop.

If the process is in execution from Orchestrator then you need to create/configure the desktop.

If I am wrong, please elaborate your requirement.

yep sorted just went save as and saved to an external hard drive for some reason going from one latptop to another the other say it didn’t work.
I was thinking it could be a licensing infringement that didn’t allow it to be copyed to a studio running a different license number

however having copied it across now and trying to fun it its erroring because its forgotton what I am clicking/typing

and now its working randomly lol gotta love automation

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we can copy the project folder -> zip it and send that to your desktop by mail
so that in your desktop we can extract that file and make use of it

Cheers @WillBrown

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