Can I import local nuget package into Assistant on Apple Mac OS

I am trying to run a process on Apple Mac OS and i want to run the process from the local nuget package that I created on Window machine and downloaded on Mac.
Is it possible or right now only option is to run process with the help of orchestrator.
If any local option is available, please let me know how?

thanks in advance.

Hello @Ashim,

Yes, you will need to use Orchestrator. If you upload the package to the Orchestrator and then create a process out of it, it should then be deployable to any machine.

Go to the UiPath Assistant, login appropriately and you should then see the process available to run within the assistant on your Mac.


Hi @Cameron_McMahon1 ,

is running the local package just like in windows not possible on Mac?



Unknown as I don’t own a Mac and have never deployed to one but by deploying to Orchestrator and then running from the assistant we get rid of the unknown and are using tried and tested methods.


Thanks @Cameron_McMahon1

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No problem at all!

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UiPath Assistant for macOS will allow you to run attended cross-platform automation. RPA developers will use UiPath Studio in Windows to create cross-platform projects and publish them to Orchestrator.

When designing a process for macOS in Studio, the testing is done using Remote Debugging and connecting to the specific macOS machine.

Regarding activity packages available for cross-platform, currently, our teams are working on adding new capabilities and in the next releases, you will be able to use more of them.

More details can be found here: UiPath Assistant for macOS

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