Can I have some advise for Bank System(Web) security block?

I’d like to have advise for about Bank system RPA.
Currently, I’m trying to download some report from KR bank system. The problem is when I apply ‘Click Activity’ and Run the process, click function is not applied at all.
Is it due to some Security program issue…?
RPA could logon on the main page but problem occurs from next page(After login)
-URL : Hana Bank
-Security Program : (Interezen IPinsideLWS)

If you are using Google Chrome Browser for Bank application, please use Google Extension. If you are using IE then it should work with out Extension but please make sure to enable Java Runtime Engine…

Thank you for your advise. I’ve set as below and tried with IE again but it’s not working from after logon page… If you have another solution, could you please share?

[Chrome google extension]

Please enable Java under tools.


  1. Try upgrading/downgrading the UiAutomation.Activities Package.
  2. Try all the simulate/sendwindow/native click property.
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