Can I have more than 1 custom retry transition in Initialization?

Hi all,

I wonder if I can have several custom retry mechanisms in Initialization?
I need to open ~15 applications in this phase and for each of them, I would like to have a custom retry transition.

What is the best procedure for making those, if possible?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @bp777 ,
The best practice should be putting the retry in a for each loop and passing application name or details in the for each loop by storing 15 application or details in a list/array of strings.

In that way you have to not create retry for each application.

Thanks & Regards,
Shubham Dutta

Hello @bp777 ,

Better to invoke that login workflow in the try catch block and invoke that try catch block inside the Retry scope and in that scope you can define how many number of times you want to retry the login if failed.