Can I grab values from a excel sheet and transfer them to a notepad document, and then assign each value a description?

For instance

Title Value Comments
R1 55.55.55 = (RPA makes a description of value in notepad)

R2 33.33.33 = (RPA makes a description of value in notepad)

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Do you have screenshots of what you want to achieve as an example?

This seems pretty straight forward, but if you’ve got requirements around the descriptions i.e. based on values it may be more complicated.


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i basically want to grab the data from the value column and display what they are in the notepad as a description

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You want to write Description column value into Notepad right ?

Hi @Zachary_Oliver,

Not quite very clear on your question, why don’t you just give us a small explanation with the input, the process, and the expected output; so we can better understand your problem!


Hi @Zachary_Oliver

I guess you need to enter the data in the excel file to a notepad. I have done a similar thing to help someone previously. So thought of sharing the xaml. What this does is, it extracts three columns from the excel sheet and adds them to a notepad row by row.

I think this would help you get it sorted…

ExcelToNotePad.xaml (8.8 KB)

Let know whether this helps!!


Hi @Zachary_Oliver

Did my workflow work for you? Anything that I should help on that?


This helped. Thanks!

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