Can I get the value of retried activity in Retry Scope

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Is it possible to know the retried value in retry scope activity? i.e everytime it retries I want to know the value. I am able to get that by declaring a variable and increment it but want to know whether it is possible to know the retried value by default without declaring an variable and getting from it.


hi buddy @Boopathi

Retry scope activity is used to retry with some activity until the condition given is met
and you can mention the number of retires to be carried out in the property of the retry scope activity as well as you mentioned but we can only use a variable inside the DROP ACTIVITY container that is using a variable and increment it in the top portion of the retry scope, we can get the number of retries we have made buddy
Apart from this we cannot get the retry value implicitly from the retry scope activity buddy
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By default we won’t get the re-try value.
We have to follow the approach that you said by declaring a variable.

Karthik Byggari

Thank you @KarthikByggari

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