Can I do add group of special characters inside to "CONTAINS"statements?

Good afternoon guys, I hope that all of you stay fine and safe. My Question depend on this, currently I need to a process where I have a name to any Doctor, but this name is extracted by me with a GET TEXT activity, after of this I need to do a SPLIT for any name, in normal cases the name is separate by [,] comma but exist exceptions cases, when human error appear, and for example any name is separate by [; ] semicolon. For this reason I was thinking it’s possible to assign a group of special characters to “CONTAINS” activities. I was controlled inside a one condition if appear a semicolon, well the next step is only to do “SPLIT”, and in opposite case with comma. And is only to separate the name because in the next step I need to do a remove to an


@efrain.caceres Contains method check the character mentioned inside bracket. If you mention both “,” and “;” then contains method will check for “,;” substring in the main string. With two contains method separately you can check the the special character. If my understanding is wrong please let me know.

I was trying and your method is not wrong, it is not correct to use it in my case either. The problem there is, if you punt both signal inside of “CONTAINS”, the bot assume that is a value with two signal at the same time. This one not doing the comparison between both. And yes, if you can use two contains inside one “IF” activity, but no it’s my idea, why because I need to house a group of different special character, let me say an example, when you have format into the website form, for your email, you can use a specific format to write the email, or which special character you can put under this format. At the same way I want to control specific special characters. But right now I used the “Regex” activity, and it’s working but I have another doubt about this activity, but this doubt is for another topic. Thanks for take your time to trying solving my problem. I’m sorry if my English is not good, but I’m trying to improve my English day by day.