Can I Develop on a Different Windows Version?


I have Windows 11 running on my actual desktop. My question is… If I develop an Automation using Windows 11 and deploy across my organization (other users are running Windows 10) It will work?


Hey @gabrieldkvl

I guess it shouldn’t be a problem.

Also I hope you are developing process with type as Window Legacy.


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As a best practice use same configuration.

it will save your lot of time. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Shakti_Singh . I will deploy and test different cases. After it I will return with the result on this discussion!

Thanks for the answer @Nithinkrishna. I will test!

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Sure, Always Welcome…:slight_smile: :robot:

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Cool @gabrieldkvl :+1::innocent:

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@gabrieldkvl Please go through supported versions in the below doc