Can I delete existing robot and assign same machine to different user

Say I have a robot assigned to domain/userX assigned to machine X. Now I want to add another user account domain/userY to same machine X. I understand that it is not possible in community edition, however can I delete existing domain/userX and assign new user domain/userY to machine X.

In the Community Edition of UiPath, you cannot directly change the user account assigned to a machine. The user account assigned to a machine is associated with the user who installed UiPath Robot on that machine.

However, you can follow these steps to achieve a similar result:

  1. Uninstall UiPath Robot from the machine assigned to domain/userX. This will remove the association between the user account and the machine.
  2. Install UiPath Robot on the same machine using the user account domain/userY. Make sure to install the same version as before.
  3. After the installation, configure the newly installed UiPath Robot with the necessary settings, such as connecting it to the Orchestrator or setting up the robot settings according to your requirements.

By uninstalling UiPath Robot associated with domain/userX and reinstalling it with domain/userY, you effectively remove the previous association and establish a new association between the user account and the machine.

Thanks @raja.arslankhan , I will try it out.

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