Can i create multiple machines under single domain/ user name?

Can i create multiple machines under single domain/ user name? I’m using a comunity version.

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Sorry buddy one machine can be created in orchestrator and that machine can be tagged into only robot with only one user being in community edition
But if we have high density robots used it’s possible
For more details on it

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Okay. then in licensed version of UIPath, can i create more than one robot in a machine as well as more machines under one domain name?

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Yah of course if those high density robots are obtained with license then you can buddy

And why not even in community version
High-Density Robots can also be installed in user-mode. Community versions install High-Density Robots by default, while running the UiPathStudio.msi file requires you to NOT install the Robot Service

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But new robot requires new machine, and new machine should be created with a different domain/user name. I’ve published two processes from single user account. How can i run those in Orchestrator

Ensure that those robots are tagged to a environment and once after publishing the process to orchestrator create a PROCESS in process tab in orchestrator and
From Jobs tab we can run the process and choose the robot in which we want to run form the environment been tagged to that process
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How can I create another robot from same user account?

We can’t buddy unless we have high density robots
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