Can i create an "Add file" at the answer of a question? (HIGH LEVEL ASSESSMENT)

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Me and my team are editing our High Level Assessment and we have a crucial question to take an idea forward. But the user will need to attach a file in the answer.

Can I create an “Add File” at the answer of a question?

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Can you provide more details with pictures.

I need something like that:

I know that is a question by default wich has this option. Can I replicate something like that to a created question?

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Hi @Lucas_Rufino ,

This is part of High Level Assesment standard questions, you can’t remove it but you can move positions between them and/or add new options using the link “Adicionar uma nova opção” in order to attend your necessity, follow the screenshot below :

And also the link to UiPath documentation examplaining about this :

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Thanks @DiegoTurati !

That was helpfull!

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