Can I convert a string into a Variable in UiPath?

I have a couple argument variables like this:

in_Topic = "New Topic"
in_Meeting = "Demo Meeting"

Also I have a dictionary

myDict = {"Topic": "in_Topic", "Meeting":"Demo Meeting"}

How can I link the Value in the dictionary to be the variable?

For example: myDict(“Topic”) = “New Topic”

Can you guys help me? Thank you

Are you trying an assignement where under the key the variable is set?
myDict(“Topic”) = in_Topic

for working with dictionaries also have a look here:

Yes that is correct. Something like that.
I have a excel Datatable with the Key and Value column and I am converting that into a dictionary.

I also have multiple “in” arguments that will the user will enter in. It would be nice if I can just link Value from the dictionary to those “in” arguments.

That way I can just use a for each loop and loop the Key and have the Value as the variable, making the code cleaner.

you can do by the options mentioned above

Hi @Phi_Hung_Nguyen ,

Use the attached xaml file for your reference. It will work as add dictionary from Excel file.

Pavan Kumar
Sample.xlsx (8.3 KB)
Test_Dictionary.xaml (7.6 KB)