Can I combine 2 project file into 1 project?

I’m having 2 project file (project file, not workflow) named Project SCLQ and Project SC. So now I would like to combine Project SC into Project SCLQ. Meaning to say at the end of project SCLQ, I would like to insert Project SC (similar like invoke workflow). Is it possible?

Hi Serran_Naru,

You can use state machine workflow, where you can control the execution of a particular workflow,output of one workflow can be input of other.


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does your Project SC uses output of project SCLQ?

or else you can schedule them one after the other in Orchestrator the second one will be triggered immediately after the completion of first execution.

sorry if this information was not helpful.

Hi @pathrudu I couldn’t do that because we can’t estimate how long it will take to complete project 1.

Hi @asishkumar ,

Thanks but I couldn’t really get your idea. Could you please briefly explain?
I’m not sure how do I invoke a project with state machine. My SC project is in state machine workflow.


if you are using Orchestrator hope it’s not necessary for you to know the time of first process, you can immediately trigger the second one from orchestrator. it will add your second process to Que for execution. give a try with some sample processes.

Hi Pathrudu,

Could you please explain how can we trigger the process immediately after completion of the first process?


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