Can I change the attribute value in the selector

Hello everyone!

I automate legacy soft and faced with a problem. I need to mark the checkbox, but UiPath can’t set it. In selector, I see the attribute which changes when I press check/uncheck field.

Can I change this attribute (from text=unchecked to text=checked) without pressing any button? Maybe I can set attribute by the invoke method.

@Damir What Happens when you use a Click Activity on the Checkbox ?

UiPath does not recognize the checkbox itself as a separate field. It selects it along with the text describing the actions. And if you use Click Activity, the robot clicks on the text, not on the checkbox.

When I try select checkbox using the Indicate Element, it’s look like on the picture (my cursor is hovered over the checkbox) Untitled

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If the checkbox has a valid selector, you could use the Set Web Attribute activity to change the property of the attribute.

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@Steven_Bruce Yes, I have already tried this option, but it didn’t work. There is no corresponding field in the attributes. I think it only works with HTML.

But thank you anyway

Of course, sorry, my mistake. I did not read your post properly!

Can you send a hotkey to check the field? For example a Space?

@Steven_Bruce Yes, I have already tried all hotkey which I only know, but I didn’t find any.

I thought about set attribute to UIElement using Invoke Code or Metod, but I don’t know exactly how to do it.

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this is exactly what i need. I have a table with some rows not visible so the bot cannot click the checkbox of the first field, i need to modify or set the attribute checked by code or a custom activity.

@Damir did you find any solution for this problem. I am facing this kind of problem now. I you find any, could you post the solution?