Can i call Re-framework as recursion , Here is my scenario it is Transaction within Transaction within Transaction

Get Item from queue - First Application
Download the attachement (Excel)
load the Excel data
in these Excel per row we have 3 trasnactions data (T1,T2,T3)- We can not change the template as there is dependency, multiple teams are using the same template
Open new application perform first transaction if there is Parent level exception then all 3 transaction should be failed For. example if we need to send an email for each trasnaction but email id is not correct then all 3 transaction should fail.
Process first transaction if it is successfull/ unsuccessful (issue with specific transaction) then Pick second followed by third .
If certain datapoints are not defined for the T1/T2/T3 move to next transaction within the same row.
Consume the output of respective transactions (T1/T2/T3) and store it in Excel ( this transactions are very error prone)
Mark the Status of 3 transaction defined in row
Iterate next row for the same workbook
Once Excel data is complete Mark the Parent Transaction as completed/Errored.
Pick the next Parent transaction from the queue and repeat the process.