Can I calculate the average of a column in GSheet with Studio Web (Free edition)

Hello folks,
I am trying to do some basic calculation on a G Sheet and come up with some averages.
I have looked in the GSuite activities and didn’t see a match for doing calculations. The closest post I found is below with works with Studio X, which I don’t have.

Can I do this?
Thank you


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Good that you have checked the Gsuite activites
currently there are no readymade activities to make the average, but you can use Read range activity of the Gsuite and copy that to a Datatable varaible now you can calculate the average of the column you required as below

> testDatatable.AsEnumerable().Select(Function(r) Decimal.Parse(r.Field(Of String)("ColumnName"))).ToList().Average

This has to assign to decimal variable

Hope this may help you


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@Srini84 Thank you for the pointers.
I understand the reading the range (column) and saving it into a variable.
What activity should I use to implement the formula you shared to calculate the average?
Thank you

To clarify my end goal with this exercise, I need to figure out 3 different averages. Please see a snapshot of the table.

1- Average by job title (there are a dozen different ones, i.e. Associate, Associate Director, Director, Manager, …)

2- Average by location (there are 3 dozen different locations, i.e. Albany, NY, Atlanta, GA, Austin, TX, Baltimore,MD)

3- Average by job title and location

Any guidance on how to best solve this challenge would be appreciated.