Can I buy a course in Udemy?

Hello, family, I need to improve my skill is there any other way to build my skills. I was a 10-month experience in Uipath I need to improve my skills I want to learn deep like T system in the UiPath How can I improve is there any other way :face_with_monocle: any website or anything is there let me know it was really helping to me.

I hope I will get a reply from any one of you people.

Chethan P

Hi @copy_writes (Chethan)

Udemy courses are ok, but you do not need them. UiPath Academy is all you need. Let me explain.

  1. Allocate a small amount of time every single day for learning a new concept or revising an old one. Come what may this time will be dedicated to either working on studio, fiddling around in orchestrator settings, config files or just trying to solve a problem on paper or mind without using studio. (I am writing this during a dedicated time in the morning)

  2. If you already finished the Foundation course, take it once more, but this time make your own versions of the problems being solved in the different section of the course. Why? Simple, learning the basics many times will take you a long way than understanding advanced concepts.
    Some inspiration: Bruce Lee famously said “I do not fear a man who can kick 10000 different kicks, but I do fear the one who has practiced 1 kick 10000 times.” So dedicate yourself to the fundamentals.

  3. Get comfortable at handling DataTables or Collections (List, Dictionary, Arrays). This skill is the most critical, because creating and handling tabulated or structured data is the prerequisite for any data analysis and this is true for RPA as well. The next time you see a DataTable problem, you will feel overjoyed and cant wait to solve it!

  4. Reflect. Most of what we learn we will forget. The only two ways of retaining knowledge is by practicing or by reflecting on concepts which we already learnt. Reflecting or silently revising on what we learnt improves our understanding of the subject. Soon you will realize that your skill is in par with many of the questions posted in the forum.

  5. Practice in the forum. Law of Large numbers holds true here. If many people are having the same problem, it is inevitable that you will also face this problem as a developer someday. Solving forum questions is a sure shot way of learning real world cases, however tiny they may seem those questions need to be answered. When answering think about how you can use fundamental concepts and try to think of alternatives to the solutions already posted in the thread.

  6. Make something of your own. Do not check the forums for solutions, but dig into official Microsoft or UiPath documentation on how to use a particular method in VB, .Net or UiPath. In other words, you are practicing what every single developer does; searching for information. Making something of your own gives you the confidence to try and fail.

  7. Keep a track of all the concepts you have learned and choose a few which you are really comfortable with. This is the time to learn advanced concepts in those. One example is studying each and every workflow in the REFramework. Understanding the input and output arguments and why they are so. Thinking about scenarios where this framework shines and where it lacks. What if you designed it? What would you change and why?

Lastly, I would suggest one book, which you can read during this learning period : Deep Work (Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World) by Newport, Cal

I really hope some of these learning tools will help you. Everyone can persevere. I wish you great success in your career :slight_smile:


Thanks for your valuable replay and Time i will follow your guidance
Thank You very much :innocent: :innocent: :innocent:

Chethan P