Can I automate this with UiPath Community edition?


See the below link to the document that describes my wish for automation. Can I automate that with UiPath Community edition? If yes, how?

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Yes you can do this task using Community Edition.

Hi @lakshman,

Thanks for your quick reply.
As I’m new to this tool, could you please provide me some guidance on the steps I need to take?

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I request you to go through Level 1 - Foundation Training 2018.3 in Uipath Academy.

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This can be easily done through uipath community version. On how to do this, please go through the developer foundation training of uipath academy and mainly go through the ui automation sections…

Hi @jeanpaullimpens
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What a amazing idea, Four you the simple answer is really yes you can do it

For training UIPATH has provided uipath Academy for all with totally free academic training each step by step
Even beginner also can learn very easily

Academy link below

You can download uipath community edition application for training and uipath cloud orchestrator

But remember for your company of enterprise level you planning to do any production. you need buy enterprise license