Can I adjust the speed of Cursor Motion Type = Smooth?

Is there a way to adjust the animation speed of the mouse cursor on Activities such as Click?

Screenshot 2023-04-22 171822


As far as I know, there is no option to control the speed. Do you have any problem? If event doesn’t occur because of its speed, can you try to have move cursor near the target using Hover, then move to the target, as it seems the speed is proportional to distance? Click offset might help you in this case, as the following.


I’m not having any sort of technical problem, I’m just using automation to create training videos and was hoping to be able to slow down the mouse animation speed. I know in the documentation it moves the mouse in increments to the target, so I was hoping i could somehow increase that incremental number

for learning and tracing purposes we can do:

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I honestly cant tell if its slowing down the mouse animation or not. Would be nice if there was a .25x option lol. Thanks for the suggestion