Can forms be used to customize email body contents

Hi friends!
I seek your professional advice: please refer attached for a sample of email contents (that will be mass emailed) to number of receipients.

There are places in the email with contents like “Username” and “password” that will change according to the different sender’s name.

Can form be used for this purpose? How do I get the form contents to show up in email body? Alternatively, are there any other solutions?

Thanks much! I wish you all a prosperous 2020!!

sample letter.pdf (72.8 KB)

Are these emails sent to multiple recipients at a time or one by one

@Palaniyappan Thanks! The email contents are sent to mutiple recipients at a time: the xaml will read an excel file. The email addresses are placed in a specified columns.

Then may I know how this will be mentioned in a single mail body for multiple recipients
Like can I have a sample
Cheers @CKL

@Palaniyappan You are welcome! I have not yet fully coded the XAML but know the first obvious step is to read the excel. I have queries on how to piece together the email body contents per earlier attachment. Looking forward for advice from the community on how to resolve this. Will be glad to share the XAML when progresses are made. Thank you, friend.

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