Can Files From Storage Section Be Deleted To Retrieve Space In Orchestrator Server?

Can files from Storage section be deleted to retrieve space in Orchestrator server?

Resolution: It is possible to delete the files from the Orchestrator Installation Path - Storage Folder. If the files are deleted from the location, they would disappear from the UI as well.

Sample storage location;

C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Orchestrator\Storage\Orchestrator-ff6ef61e-c9e2-4e2f-835f-27fc83f30e4e\BlobFilePersistence\32ce7b78-2d84-4a29-bbd4-98b4ac32ae70

Note: It is important to be careful when deleting files, as removing crucial items might cause unexpected behavior or loss of data. To safely delete files from the Storage section in UiPath Orchestrator, follow these steps:

  1. Before deleting any files, make sure to create a backup of the files that are required to be removed. This will help recover any data in case it is needed later or accidentally delete a critical file.

  2. Before deleting a file, make sure it is not being used by any active processes, Robots, or activities in Orchestrator. Removing a file that is still linked to an automation could cause errors or unexpected behavior.

  3. With the proper checks in place, now the identified files can be safely deleted to free up space on the Orchestrator server.