Can DataBaseConnection type be passed as argument?

Hello All,

Can DataBaseConnection type be passed as argument to other invoke file. I am getting the error Object reference not set to an instance error.

Currently i need to create the connection in a workflow and pass it as out argument to a main workflow file. Again the same has to be utilized by next workflows as in - argument.

Yes , it can be passed as a in - argument .
Like this :


Hello Takayosi,

I was able to pass as a in and also as out argument. But it was erroring out saying that the object reference as not initialized.

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Hi @SaiLearning

Maybe show some details about what you did well be helpful.

Hi lainh,

We can pass and work with it. I had too many arguments thus might have got jumbled. Today when I restarted the uipath it started working.


That’s good for you.