Can BOT run on Virtual Environment

Hello Friends,

I am beginner and just started using Uipath I have automated one Project using UIPATH but i want to deploy that in such way, whenever i trigger that it work in Virtual Environment and side by side i can do my other stuff on my PC, I have watch some tutorial where they trigger bot and it will run in virtual environment but in my case it using my PC and i am not able to do my other stuff simultaneously i have to wait to complete its executions.

Can anyone help me how can i achieve this

I’m not sure if I understand you well. You want to run the unattended robot on the different PC but it runs on your local computer like attended robot?
How did you set the bot in the orchestrator ?


You have to install uipath software in your vm machine and set up bot with the VM name and configuration in uipath orchestrator so you can trigger the process from orchestrator pointing to your bot in VM. In this case you can do your work in your local PC and the process will run un attended in that vm machine.