Can anyone tell where can i find documentation on Robotic Ops

I was going through the new features that are pre-released for UiPath including Robotic Ops. I found the topic interesting but couldn’t find any documentation and resources for it online except for this. Can anyone please help me with some resources/links to explore more about Robotic Ops

Hello Deepesh,

I believe this is a very recent feature and I can’t even see this ‘Robotic Ops’ tab in my Automation Cloud.
But, the topic was already explored in the Academy, please check the course ‘UiPath Studio Governance’.
The course covers the Governance topic within UiPath, but at the Studio level, which can be already implemented by any admin.

Let’s wait for an Automation Cloud update and documentation about the ‘Robotic Ops’, which it seems to facilitate the task of enforcing governance policies.