Can anyone suggest what to automate for demo purpose?

suggest the best automatbale task for demo

What kind of demo you want to give?

Hey Balkishan,

You can automate some of back office work, HR related work and survey forms.

But before processed further please analysis that the manual process should fit in Automate Process.


Hi can anyone suggest or give the idea to automate process for Demo to describe the capability of UiPath. It’s very urgent plz suggest. Thanks in advance

Excel based demos are the simplest

Else you cn show how to fill a google form or enter details in a website (like support ticket updates)

@neonova can you suggest me related to the Account Payable ?

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goto there are many projects which are currently in idea stage.

please be advised that i am not asking you to steal an idea from there but get inspired and come up with an original idea which will suit your company the best.

Hi, Can anyone suggest me to free software download for Invoice processing/Account payable for demo purpose only. Plz suggest best and effective only for demo. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

@SakshiGupta Account Payable can you suggest me more about it.

you can create a google form and read data from excel and feed the data in google form… you can name the fields in such a way that it looks like account payable…
if you want complex let me know we can add some conditions in the flow…

@SakshiGupta Yes plz make it complex so that it looks like real, Because client think it’s reading the data from excel and putting into application/website.

you can do multiple things

  1. download excel from outlook
  2. you can filter data using some conditions eg. date and search only the filtered data
  3. you can access the google form from remote machine to add complexity

Let me know if this is sufficient.

@SakshiGupta I am able to download the attachment from the email and have created a form which is like a Account Payable where I have created all field which I mentioned on the invoice. Now I want to know how can I extract data from the multiple invoice pdf and store in a excel. Or first I have to store these all data in database then from the database into excel or directly I can feed these data into the form. Plz guide

You can use Read PDF text activity (Assuming that your invoice is Native)
you can use screen scrapping and store the scrapped data in variables

@SakshiGupta Okay, Plz tell me one thing I have to open the pdf one by one so Acrobate will open and close one by one.
I have to capture the data from one invoice and it will assume the pattern is similar and extract from all the pdf one by one is it. If I am wrong please correct me and guide me how to achieve it.

I want to know one more thing If I store this data in a datatable and from the datatable store this data into the excel .

To open pdf one by one use eg attached.
Directory.GetFiles(“Your Path”)

The next part of your ques
if the data is structured then you can store in excel
use " build Data Table" activity and add data in that DataTable and then write in excel.

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@SakshiGupta Thanks so much :slight_smile:

Let me know if this solution works for you…

sure will let you know SGupta