Can anyone pls help me how to change status to connected in orchestrator community edition

Hi @tkiran, you need to connect from your local system UiPath Assistant. If your status is connected in Orchestrator Configuration in UiPath Assistant then it will automatically comes to the status Connected.

Hi Manjula,
Thank you for your reply … But I am unable to log in since it is opening IE and the same URL when I pasted in chrome it opens orchestrator page with log in

can you pls tell me where did the mistake…

i have tried with machine key and orchestrator URL i am getting error as connected but unlicensed

Check in Orchestrator Robots what licence assigned.

I have checked license tab also it shows like this

Try logout from everywhere and connect again.

Thank you Manjula… your reply triggered me to check license settings where 50% shows for my testing and other one RPA developer was showing 0 % so I have create one more robot and role as RPA developer attended now license as shared… Immediately my uipath assistant changed to green

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