Can anyone help me to make a pivot table but not a normal pivot table?

In the table I send in the appendix, I need information about which city how many days I went. But in the table some are the same cities, for example, New Orleans is actually only 5 days, but 10 days when i pivot, it should not.
When I make a pivot table, I cannot reach the correct information. Can I get this information through Uipath?

Hi @ersin

You can do it of course, you can perform the next steps

  1. Get all different values in the column
  2. Get the count of each value in the specific column

Also, I recommend you do it using a pivot table in Excel, its easy and you don’t need to use a UiPath license. In case that the question is an step of a bigger project you can create the pivot table and update it using UiPath.



Can you give the actual excel for us to try.

Also, did you try using below package?

and below charts.

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Example.xlsx (8.9 KB)

i added @anon62075255Example.xlsx (8.9 KB)