Can anyone help how to convert pdf tabular data to csv using string manipulations

1.Use read pdf and store the output in a string.
2.Split the string with separator as “E-mail ID” and store it in new array( ex: splitarray ).
3.split the array into newlines and take the values as needed.

Let me know if this helps?


Thanks for saying.tried it but not getting idea about what u said,can u share any example of it?

Hi hari do u have any similar related class file with you.So that we can try from our end by going through that file.If you required content, i will share you the PDF file and and need to convert to the csv file…

For reference,Please find the attached files.

Hi Karthik,

I don’t see any attachments please share your pdf, then I can suggest something.


Hi Harinath,

Sorry for last mail.Please find the attached file of pdf as need to convert same format in to the csv file.pdf sample2 (1).pdf (12.9 KB)


Did u do string manipulation for above problem