Can anyone guide 3 browsers logins & updating content in one browser from scraped data in another browser & to repeat process for multiple records in re framework?

In framework,how to handle multiple browsers & processess?
I login in one browser & & store data.Then login in another browser & use previous browser stored data & then login as 3 rd browser & update in 3rd browser & repeat the process for multiple records?

In framework how to repeat the process?


Are you trying to login to the same system in all three browsers? or is it different systems?

You can invoke a workflow in the init state to login to the system (either 1 system or more).

For the rest, could you explain the process a bit, how it can be repeated actually depends on what you are trying to do in each browser… Can you explain the order of the tasks on what you will be doing after the login process… This will help to give you a proper solution to repeat the process…


login to the same site twice with different process and other site for other process.

first login to first browser & i will scrape user information for first record & store it.Then login to other site i.e second browser & use that scraped user information and i will do process for resetting password and store password.
Then i will navigate to first browser with another url & type the password which i got from 2nd browser and give reply.
from for each row,it should repeat this entire process for multiple records which exist in grid one by one

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Now I understand what you are trying to do… So in order to repeat this entire process through the Framework, we can follow a similar process as below.

In the framework,

  1. In the INIT state, invoke the workflow to open the two browsers and login to the system/systems. So ideally, if this uses two different sites, you should need to invoke two workflows to login to the two systems…
  2. Now, in the Get Transaction Data State, in the Framework\GetTransactionData file, do the first data scraping from the browser 1. I suppose this is a grid which we can loop through… So after the data scraping, return the ID of the first record to the Main flow
  3. Now, in the Process State, we have many things to do…
    • we can do the processing for the selected record, Go to the next Browser window, use the scrapped info and do the process of resetting the password.

    • Once done, Navigate to the first browser with a different URL (may be by using Navigate to activity) Should be a separate workflow to navigate

    • Enter the password you got from second browser and do the replying for the task.

So once that is done, you are done with the first record, by this time, the framework should be calling the SetTransactionStatus workflow in order to increment the number… and then going back to the GetTransactionData state. Here it will extract the next record from the scrapped datatable.

Hope it helps!!

If anyting is not clear or need more clarity, just let me know!! :slight_smile:


thanks.this helps a lot. in 2nd point how to return id of the first record to the main flow?

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So as I explained, in the 2nd point, all the work will be happening in the Framework\GetTransactionData file. In that file, you will be doing the data scraping first. Then there are set of activities which are presented to you through the framework itself. That is the point where you initialize the output arguments. There are couple of things that are done by them as well for the use of the framework. We can tweak those a bit and pass the record ID to an output argument so that it will be returned to the main workflow…

Screenshots I have attached describes the section that I’m talking about… This is actually from one exercise I did to return the page number of a grid. So what happens there is,

  1. in the GetTransactionData file, I extracts the current page number and returns it to the main flow.
  2. Then in processing state, I do some data scraping to extract the data in the gird of the given page…
  3. Then do the processing,
  4. and increments the number through SetTransactionStatus…
  5. Then it goes back to the GetTransactionData file, checks and get the next page number… and the process goes on…

You can follow a similar approach to get the process running!! Just explaining a similar scenario for you to easily fall in line to get your automation working :slight_smile: