Can anyone give me RPAChallange with best practices file

Can some one please give RPAChallange XML file all done with best practices, and can someone verify if any other best practices can be implemented


Hi Kumar,

Please find attached Xaml file and hope it helps
Main.xaml (28.3 KB)

Hi, you can add prefix for DataTable variable

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RPA_Challenge_method.xaml (37.3 KB)

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Hi, please add header names properly and add annotations also.

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Hi, You can add the Find element activities and Anchor Base activities also

hii, add log message r message box for better understand

Hii,please find attachment and find elements.

hi , you can add the log messages and messages ,to my better understanding

Okay, I will work on it and i will try my level best prashanthi

Hi, please add header names and add annotations also.

Hii,you can add the annotations and find elements also.

add log message r message box

Better to add annotations and change the activity names. add anchor base for best practices.

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