Can Anyone Figure out this Error And solve this

Are you able to run any other workflow? @Karthikeyan34
Try restarting studio or even machine… If that still gives you error , please let me know :slight_smile:

Yes In this Workflow i use pop3 to get mailmessages. for other workflow without pop3 they are Running @HareeshMR

You mean the workflows with pop3 activity is not running @Karthikeyan34?

Then try running Pop3 alone in other workflow and check if it is the problem. Generally, the error is related to IIS server and I hope the workflow is not depending on IIS. Yes ofcourse if you use any SMTP servers, then it will check the config. But, don’t know why it is causing you the issue.

Or check these steps

  1. Go to services (Press windows + R)
  2. Search as services.msc
  3. If you have Net.Pipe listener in the list, make sure it is running :slight_smile:
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I didnt find anything as NET.Pipe listener @HareeshMR

Have you tried this :slight_smile: @Karthikeyan34?

Yes I Tried It Take lot of time about 10min to read mail sometime it get failed @HareeshMR

I hope you are trying to retrieve mails from outlook @Karthikeyan34 right?

May be the netsh interface autotuning is enabled. either you have to disable or try using any other activities like get outlook activity. I’m not sure it will work after enabling the autotuning :slight_smile:

Nope i am just trying to get the mail from the local server