Can anyone explain this? why write csv not putting scraped data several times into excel sheet?

Unable to store scraped data into a single sheet or a different name sheet. It gives me a blank excel sheet. I have attached a screenshot of the sequence.csv error

please check the ExtractDataTable count whether it has any data or not before writing to csv file.


No there is no data before writing to csv file.

that’s why its not creating csv with data

Sir I am beginner in RPA course can you explain this in details ?? Why data is not storing in excel sheet

  1. After extraction from website please put one message box print datatable.rows.count.tostring.
  2. then after that please put one if condition to check datatable.rows.count >0 then you have write to excel.
    3.please attached xaml file here if you need further clarification i will help you out.

Sir it’s not going to count rows from the website for a particular search address.
for example: