Can any one please help with this..its bit urgent

Hello ,

I am trying to automate a site, i see that the BOT is not able to go to the next pages.

  1. i went to
  2. I did the data scraping and i got the “ExtractData DT”
  3. but i see that its not going to next pages in the web site,

i want it to go to the next pages and extract the data

i am attaching the xaml file.

paging.xaml (16.0 KB)


give a try on a next selector like this last line without parent selectors:
<webctrl aaname='Chevron Right' parentid='grid-search-results' tag='A' />

ensure that in used selector no page specific part is contained e.g. the url:
/detroit-mi/2_p/, 3_p, 4_p… for the pages

feel free to share your next selector with us by using the </> format button from editor


Please have a look

The parent selector is grayed out by default, as its inside the attach window.
/detroit-mi/2_p/, 3_p, 4_p… for the pages— no this is not my url…

<webctrl aaname='Chevron Right' omit:parentid='grid-search-results' tag='A' />

i omitted the parentid

Hi @Seema_S
it is working fine with this Next Page selector as @ppr said

<webctrl aaname='Chevron Right' parentid='grid-search-results' tag='A' />

There is no need to omit the parentid


The Next Page selector was already present in my attached xaml file.
then how is it working for you?
also if i enter any other city then i am getting problem(i.e its not extracting any data)

Did u see attached browser window activity selector ?

I think u had to make it dynamic too :blush:

I try your exasize its working fine it extract all data

I hope you did mistake in the data scraping when you extract the data you click no or you secte 2nd page not this

Chethan P