Can any one please give me overlayout of payslip

We have 2 excel files. 1 file has pay data and another excel has paystub template(excel). How could we proceed with this?

Kindly elaborate on what is the process to be carried out with those two excel files so that we can replicate the same with uipath
may be sample excel files would be better if possible
Cheers @r.rajesh398

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Sample Salary Sheet.xlsx (26.9 KB) SAMPLE SALARY SLIP.xlsx (18.2 KB)

I have sample salary sheet with employee pay details. I need to read the data from that and fill another excel of sample salary slip.xlsx. And generate payslip for each and every employee. Help me …How to proceed

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Keep the Sample Salary Slip as a template and read the sample salary sheet as datatable, inside for each row activity you can copy the salary slip template to a new folder.

The using Write Cell activity fill the salary slip and save it as pdf.

here you go with a xaml (49.2 KB)

Cheers @r.rajesh398

Thank You!!!

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Thank You!

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