Can any one help me?I have to compare both files with their respective column names by removing special characters from destination like "_1,_2" from both files,and if the match found then in Update column it will write "U"

Hi @Anjali_Rani,
There are already tons of similar topics with solution on Forum. Search bar is your friend here :slight_smile:

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I am not getting solution how to match columns with removing special characters, .
I Have to compare both the datatable and if match on both the datatable i have yo write success on status column.
Please do help Asap. Thankyou in advance.

@Anjali_Rani Can you tell us more details about the pattern of the Destination Column Values ?
Is it always PlaceName_Number ? Or are there any other patterns to be handled

An Example Workflow that performs the operation that you need is below with the same example data as provided by you in the Screenshot.
Check the Two Excel files.
Execute the Workflow.
Output will be generated in another sheet in both of the files.
If it doesn’t meet the expected output requirements, please explain a bit more in detail. (15.0 KB)

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Here in destination column i only want to match column by name ,removing β€˜β€™ and all characters after '’, for both tables.

input file:
Excel file 1:

Excel file 2:

Output should be look like this:
Excel file 1:

Excel file 2:

please help ASAP. Thankyou.

@Anjali_Rani Can you Check the Workflow that I have provided in the previous post? :sweat_smile:

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oh sorry, thankyou.

But here i want status β€˜U’ in status column of same sheet and in sheet1 the destination name will same as previous value. only for, finding matching record i have to remove special character.And also not have to compare datatable1 to datatable2 with all value, i have to give particular column name for finding matching records.
please help Asap.
Thank you.

@Anjali_Rani Can you tell us what is the Column Name to be compared? Is it only the Destination Column Name?

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from name,arrival,destination and if found on second then mark β€˜u’ on both the dt.and also the destination name should be same as previous on final output.


@Anjali_Rani Can you check this Updated Workflow ?
Let me know if it doesn’t work.
I have kept a new Sheetname instead of the same sheet name, you can replace it with the same sheet name if you require it. (16.1 KB)

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This is not matching the records by removing the extra characters , Please check , Here Maharashtra_1 in Book1, and Maharashtra in Book2… then it should have to mark 'update ’ by removing extra characters from letter Maharashtra.

Please check the updated_sheets in excel files.
Thank you.

Book1.xlsx (9.84 KB)

Book2.xlsx (9.68 KB)

@Anjali_Rani My Apologies, there needs to be a bit change in the regex that is being used to replace _1 or _2 to Empty String.

Can you Edit wherever the Regex Expression is being used with this Expression as Highlighted in the Screenshot below.

Previous the Regex Expression was β†’ _*
Change to Regex β†’ _.*

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sure. Thankyou so much.

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